Ariana Grande: How a TV Sidekick Became a World Sensation

Miley Cyrus transitioned from teen TV star to A-list music celebrity seemingly overnight. And while Ariana Grande also got her start as a teen tv star, it took 5 years of releasing music to become a worldwide sensation. So what’s so special about Ariana Grande and how did this TV sidekick become a world sensation?

This week we’re taking a closer look at Ariana’s career and the challenges she’s overcome to become a household name. While she hasn’t made headlines for starting drama, she’s not without her own hardships, like being cast as a Lolita, or her own indiscretions, like blackfishing.

We’re joined by Gabbie Iorio from Young Beautiful Successful podcast to talk about all things Ariana! You can also find her on Instagram and TikTok for more!

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