When Record Labels Take Advantage of Artists

Why do labels sign artists but not allow them to release an album for years? Why do labels control an artists’ image or ghost them when they’re ready to drop music? Record labels are meant to work for the artists they sign. So what happens when the record labels take advantage of those same artists?

More and more artists are taking a stance against bad deals with their record labels. Megan thee Stallion has taken out restraining orders against 1501 Entertainment. Raye tweeted about Polydor not letting her release an album in 7 years of being signed.

Not to mention artists like JoJo and Sky Ferreira who both went MIA after each releasing two cult-classic albums. JoJo has since left her label and spoken out about her experience, while many Sky fans have blamed her for teasing her next album but never dropping it.

These are just some of the stories artists have experienced with their labels. So how did we get here in the first place? 

We’re digging into how record labels work, why they have so much power, and what they can do to treat their artists better. 

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