The Many Controversies of Lana Del Rey with Sleepover Cinema

Misogyny in Pop Music: The Nice Guys and the Pick Me Girls

Could we really be a podcast challenging sexism and not critically analyze Lana Del Rey, of course not? With that being said, it’s time to talk about the controversial career of Lana Del Rey. This week we’re joined by two Lana super fans, Hannah and Audrey Leach of Sleepover Cinema Podcast, to talk us through not only the many controversies of Lana Del Rey’s career but also of being a Lana fan. From her infamous Saturday Night Live debut to her Instagram notes app call out of fellow women in pop, very few stones go unturned. What exactly did Lana mean when she said “I’m not, not a feminist.” Why does every interviewer speak of her like she’s a nymph princess that is chronically late to all press meetings? Is Lana Del Rey really a problem, or has her open and honest love for older men with rope kinks caused us to look at her under a microscope and call out every little indiscretion? Tune in to hear all about the controversial career of Lana Del Rey. 

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