Stories From The 1975’s Early Days with Pause It Play It Podcast

This week we’re revisiting our favorite foursome, The 1975, but with a bit of a twist. We’ve invited the brilliant Josh and Matt from Pause It Play It, The 1975 Podcast to discuss what it’s been like being male fans of this band that the media claims is mainly for girls. The pair have been long time fans, with Matt even seeing The 1975 play in Manchester before they really knew what they were doing. We talk about the differences between the UK and US music scene, and what it’s like loving a band even when you feel you may have outgrown them. The discussion gets deep and it gets hilarious and it’s really an incredible ride. 

!!!! As always this podcast is largely opinion-based. Nothing we say is anything out than our personal thoughts and feelings based on pre-existing knowledge or facts we’ve picked up and sited kindly for you over at 

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