Research Collection

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We want our listeners to feel involved in the process of Name 3 Songs. Many of the topics we discuss are polarizing and hearing from the people who care passionately about them is important to us. While there are tons of interviews and scholarly articles available to us, collecting our own data points is important to us. We’d love for your voice to be heard, whether that be anonymously or by name. If you think you can help us with any of the below episode topics we’d love to hear from you.

Sexual misconduct within the pop-punk music scene

This Google doc is a safe space to share your personal opinions on this horrific trend in the pop punk world. Feel free to remain anonymous, but we’d love your voices to be heard

One Direction fan opinions

We’re looking to collect on going data about how fans of One Direction feel the media has spoken about the boys over the years.

The 1975 fantake application

We’re looking to get 2-3 The 1975 fans to take part in an episode discussing fandom culture, the media’s perception of the band and more. Fill out this form to apply to possibly be in this episode of the podcast!